Which Way Do I Go?

What a beautiful day today is! The sky is bright blue with soft puffy clouds. The wind is whipping the leaves that are left on the trees. I’m watching the tips of the trees sway back and forth. They are gently swaying and almost appear as if they are waving


Life is full of surprises. I can absolutely, undeniably say this. My first jewelry party was held a couple of weeks ago. It was a successful party even though the moments leading up to it seemed ridiculously crazy. For weeks on end, I made piece after piece of jewelry and

A Tragedy Never Forgotten

With the observation and remembrance of September 11, 2001 this week, a lot of emotions travel through my mind. First and foremost is the realization and acceptance that life is short. Simple as that. We never know what the next day, next hour or even the next moment will bring.

Gonna Make This Place My Home

I can’t believe it’s been one week already since my website rolled out!I am finding that I have mixed feelings about my jewelry business. I’ve had some great responses and some really great feedback, but at the same time, I’m somewhat leery about where this business will go. I

Stretch Bracelet

The easiest piece of jewelry I have made thus far is the stretch bracelet. Once you have figured out the beads or components that you want to use, it’s a piece of cake! It’s probably the most time efficient piece and the most resilient. I can make a stretch bracelet